About Bolla Group Inc.

Bolla Group is a global management and technology consulting firm focused on providing innovative, proven and profitable solutions in the area of Latest software Technology Architecture, Design, Development, Deployment, Support, Maintenance Project management, Program management, Product development and Product enhancements for our clients in the Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Life sciences, Financial, Insurance, Commercial, Government and the public sectors.

We are committed in maintaining highest standards in the contemporary market with our experienced and focused team that has skill, methodology, expertise and Strategy in solving real time enterprise problems. Our services focus on Client vision, ROI, Strategy Roadmap and effective Architecture/Design. We also help our clients in Executive search to find best of the breed executives to fill senior level positions across the nation. Our dedicated training team is always motivated to train those who are interested in learning cutting edge technologies cost effectively. Our software development and Innovation team works diligently to meet the expectations of our clients in providing innovative and cost effective technology solutions. We share pride and joy in helping startup companies get up to speed in the technology front with strategic advice on product evaluation, testing, selection, Web design, hosting and content management.